When I moved to NYC in 2002, we built and launched the first iteration of Learned Evolution. Our tag was “Developing Sustainability Through Creativity” — the idea was to make “green” (which wasn’t even a thing yet!) look how it should: beautiful, futuristic, cutting edge. I was too young and naive to actually build that at the time, and no one was listening… fast forward 17 years and, we finally did it. We developed sustainability through creativity. And it’s called @arcadiaearth.

META is a partner in Arcadia through our Studios division, and we have two beautiful installations, O2 and CO2. Hats off to the genius behind this incredible experience, @valentino_vettori who put his entire life on the line for this. Incredible work!

Finally extra huge thanks to @change.is for being the unicorn freak of nature creative technologist genius wizard for dedicating his life to this foe the past two weeks.

Justin Bolognino