Arcadia Earth
NOW OPEN IN NYC - 718 Broadway | BUY TIX + ALL THE DETAILS HERE A META Studios partnership, Arcadia Earth is a multidimensional immersive exhibition designed to inspire a renewed conversation around sustainability. Arcadia is the first platform of its kind to address the challenges of global sustainability through spatial art installations and augmented reality animations.  

“Sustainability through an immersive, visually stunning utopia.” - Vogue

META partnered with Arcadia Earth in order to help founder Valentino Vettori craft a singular conceptual and execution strategy for what’s possible for purpose-driven experiential storytelling.

Focusing on education, inspiration and sustainability-based call-to-action, we helped to flip the “selfie museum” model on its head. Arcadia features large-scale and interactive projection mapping installations by META, while also deploying both augmented and virtual reality navigation, creating one of the most awe-inspiring and high-impact immersive journeys to date. META created, designed and installed two of the rooms; the projection mapped tunnel called "Creation of Oxygen" as well as the interactive projection mapped living environment "The CO2 Cycle".

Each installation has been developed using upcycled materials and reusable elements, created in collaboration with 12 purpose-driven environmental artists including META (Justin Bolognino + Eric Chang), Samuelle Green, Tamara Kotianovsky, Etty Yaniv, Cindy Roe, Poramit Thantaplait, Jesse Herrod, Katie Donahue, Katharina Hofrat, Charlotte Becket, Imigma,  and Emmy Mikelson. Vettori also partnered with Brooklyn-based artist Basia Goszczynska to honor New York Stat's ban on plastic bags by creating a cave of 44,000 recycled plastic bags, representing the number used in the state permute.

Reflecting the biosphere of the earth’s surface, 70% of the experience is dedicated to water-related topics with 30% of it relating to land. Every room is layered with educational commentary surrounding the issue it represents and offers visitors actionable suggestions for how they can be part of the solution.


Creative/Concept Direction + Music: Justin Bolognino

Content + Technical Direction: Eric Chang

Production Coordinator: Marycate Baroska

Creative Technologist: Woody Poulard

Creative Technologist: Kat Vlasova

O2 Nature Content: Brendan Hall

Special Thanks to Jonathan Thompson