David Welker’s Subconscious Narratives: A Late Night Art Meltdown
In celebration of David Welker’s Subconscious Narratives exhibition at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery, META collaborated with Welker Studios and Guggenheim to orchestrate an immersive and moody "Art Meltdown" at the gallery on January 1st, 2016. Following Phish's third night at Madison Square Garden over the holiday, META delivered a multi-sensory after-party with curated sounds and sights, celebrating Welker's work, improvisational music and the curiosities of a new year ahead.  

Across creative direction, narrative, LED Design, sponsor support, character design, and talent sourcing, META designed a mysterious psychedelic environment. LEDs and in-house spot lighting illuminated the art on display while real actors brought the muse, sorcerer and gremlin characters from Welker's artwork to life. A curated playlist kept the night danceable, mellow and “weird.”

Brooklyn Brewery, Relix, and The Mockingbird Foundation provided additional support.


Creative Direction :: META // Justin Bolognino

xDirector + Body Painting :: David Welker

Costume Design :: Abby Hertz / AHZ Concepts

Photography and Editing :: Pixelated Future

Cinematography :: Michael DiDonna

Sponsors :: Brooklyn Brewery, Relix, and The Mockingbird Foundation

Executive Producer: Robert Krevolin