Google I/O 2013
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Moscone Center -May 15 – Guests at Google I/O 2013’s opening night ‘After Hours’ event were immersed in an intricately visualized motion graphics environment based on Google product logos and created by Invisible Light Network, a META xDirector. Invisible light Network produced 15 minutes of ultra-HD animated clips which were orchestrated throughout the party across seven giant video screens (largest 80’x20’ 4k res. 4320x1080) by visual performance artists Glowing Pictures.

Each clip provides a glimpse of stylized chrome balls moving through a system, “referencing physical manufacturing and a visual reference to the binary nature of coding, which is what Google is all about- software and hardware like Google glasses, self-driving cars, etc.” said Blanchard, whose company completed the project in a fast and furious three-week adventure that began April 22 and delivered May 14. ILN devised a highly optimized render pipeline to meet the tight deadline and coordinated with Glowing Pictures from the beginning of the project to ensure a smooth handoff and breathtaking performance.


Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard

Visual Performing Artists : Glowing Pictures

Lighting and Texturing (Maya, Mental Ray): Elliot Kealoha Blanchard

Compositing (After Effects): Elliot Kealoha Blanchard

Modeling (Maya): Gyozo Lukacs

Modeling, Rigging, Animation (Softimage): Szabolcs Sinka

Modeling, Rigging, Animation (Softimage): Csaba Bardos

Concept Artist: Jason Longo

Event Photography: Oriel Poole