Right Passage at The 2017 LAB at Panorama

RIGHT PASSAGE by The Windmill Factory

2017 LAB at Panorama Designed and Curated by META. Participants chose their own adventure through a magico-religious dynamistic rite of passage that took place in a hazed void. Seven hooded liminal guides shifted black monolithic walls creating reflective labyrinths/corridors/chaos which led to a journey from darkness to light. A sensory disorientation escalated to an assault of cold beams, strobes, and intimidating moving walls – a haunting chaos. This built up to a breaking point, leading to a re-orientation of the senses. The experience culminated, the crowded room emptied, and the performance began again.  An infinite loop from cold darkness to warm illumination continues, precision choreographed to a score by Steve Nelapa and Adam Freeman from The Acid.  


Engadget // HP brought a trippy tech museum to a music fest