SOUND FX Chicago
Located in Congress Plaza South and happening on September 16-20, SOUND FX Chicago was designed by Emilie Baltz and Creative Riff for FX Networks, and curated and produced by Justin "JB" Bolognino // META.

Inspired by the visual rhythm of modernist Chicago architecture, as well as the timing of great comedy the Windy City is known for, TEMPO is an interactive sculpture that uses metallic strings to create the world’s first 6-sided comedic harp. The strings reference both music-making and music playing, inviting passersby to play this modern take on the sounds of FX-inspired comedy.

Each time a guest touches a string, a sound is triggered that compliments an upbeat, FX-inspired background track that plays from within the sculpture.

At night, the sculpture lights up, creating a dramatic visual effect that also reacts to guests' interactions, adding joy and delight to the landscape of Chicago through play.

SOUND FX is a multi-sensory experience that celebrates sound through art. It was created to showcase music and sound design inspired by FX originals through visually arresting sculptures outfitted with bespoke soundscapes. These interactive sound art installations found in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles evoke the emotional experience audiences have while viewing show content. Each installation is inspired by a different genre, and the sculpture designs are crafted to enhance the composed soundscape.