SOUND FX Los Angeles
Located in Grand Park and happening on September 23-27, SOUND FX Los Angeles was designed by Vita Motus and Creative Riff for FX Networks and curated and produced by Justin "JB" Bolognino // META.


“Like a moth to the flame” is a reference to an irrepressible attraction, an irresistible pull. Through the blending of futuristic 3D printing technology with avant-garde industrial beauty, our wings are a dark reflection of modern interpretations of horror. At the fulcrum of the experience, the viewer is inserted and engulfed into a chaotic hive of audio before moving into a relative aural sanctuary, vacillating between dissonance and harmony.

A subversion of the ubiquitous angel wings of LA, our installation calls to a darker contingency, hoping to inspire new possibilities.

Vita Motus is a woman-owned, multidisciplinary production design firm driven by artistic passion and grounded in industrial expertise. We ‘design the future’ through the creation of ground-breaking concepts, high-tech productions, limitless virtual environments, and inspirational sculptural installations for today’s most influential artists, festivals, and brands.


SOUND FX is a multi-sensory experience that celebrates sound through art. It was created to showcase music and sound design inspired by FX originals through visually arresting sculptures outfitted with bespoke soundscapes. These interactive sound art installations found in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles evoke the emotional experience audiences have while viewing show content. Each installation is inspired by a different genre, and the sculpture designs are crafted to enhance the composed soundscape.