The 2018 LAB at Panorama
For the 2018 iteration of the LAB at Panorama, Designed and Curated for the third year in a row by META: The Art of Being There, our footprint moved to a totally new and exciting environment with a much more natural, tree-laden, grassy feel to it. Inspired by this more organic environment, and to juxtapose the darker look and feel from the first two years of the LAB, we now bring to you Fractal Nature. This year’s works focus on a more sustainably designed LAB, helping to further HP’s focus on technology designed with our Earth in mind.

The entire ocean in a single wave.

A vast cellular galaxy seen under a microscope.

Millions of shells in handful of sand.

Interstellar nebulae shaped as an eye.

This theme is reflected--quite literally--in Kate Raudenbush’s “As Above, So Below”, with a nod to the Kybalion’s ancient yet imminent timeless wisdom, and is woven into a volumetric rainfall of light in “Infinite Wild” by Smooth Technology. The Fractal Nature of one’s “True Self”, or, “aura” can be whimsically discovered in the Windmill Factory’s “Pixel Vortex” while Superbright’s “HyperSubtle” delivers layers and layers of virtualized realities augmented like never before.

Finally, we journey through the Portal to Flatland with the surreal immersive design by Magenta Field, resolving in a Romance of Many Dimensions in the dome, featuring a musical score by St. Vincent, Art Direction by Dev Harlan, Sougwen, Prism and VolvoxLabs, as adapted and Directed by Justin Bolognino.




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