The 2016 Lab at Panorama
The first-ever Panorama festival (July 22-24, 2016), a modern-day World’s Fair of music, art, culture and technology, showcased future-forward creativity beyond the confines of the average music festival experience. conceptualized, curated and produced The Lab, an experience that brought together the best creative technologists in New York City to create an immersive hub for festival-goers. The Lab was Presented by The Verge and powered by HP.

THE LAB is composed of three elements: the Façade, the Exhibition, and the Dome. All participating artists are based in New York City, showcasing how the city is truly the center of cutting edge art and technology.

The Façade

With generative and motion-graphic visuals by xDirector VolvoxLabs, the façade encompassed the entire exterior of THE LAB. An ultra-high-definition video was projection-mapped onto the surface of THE LAB creating a visual journey throughout the festival. Onlookers stopped to take photos and videos in front of the ever-changing facade, and many danced in front of it, letting their shadows interplay with the projections.

The Exhibition

The exhibition featured dynamic and immersive art installations by FutureWife, Dave & Gabe, Gabriel Pulecio , Mountain Gods, Red Paper Heart, and Zachary Lieberman.

The Dome

Visually produced by Invisible Light Network and Dirt Empire and sonically produced by Antfood, the massive 69’ foot dome allowed attendees to experience a fully immersive, virtual reality theater like no other. Brooklyn Magazine hailed the experience, saying, "Lying there was the closest and most connected I have felt to a huge group of strangers in a long time, the most overwhelmed and awed I’ve been since I first saw a movie on IMAX."

The Dome also featured a surprise pop-up of Emilie Baltz and Philip Sierzega’s interactive Cotton Candy Universe. The aroma of cotton candy filled the dome during each performance, adding an unexpected olfactory element.


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"Even during performances by headlining music acts, the line into The Lab remained jammed." - J. Walter Thompson Intelligence

"...the perfect spot for your festival selfie." - Vogue

"...The Lab was a reminder that New York creatives have a strong hunger for innovation..." - New York Observer


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