Watermill LED Wall
META was asked to Executive Produce a giant custom LED wall for a private home commission in the Hamptons. We brought in VolvoxLabs to conceptualize and produce 30 minutes of summer-inspired content for a private residence in Southampton, NY. This team produced high-resolution organic content for the 1.25mm pitch LED in a tight summertime timeline. This project was a huge pleasure for the team, as we managed to create fun, positive work, right smack in the middle of the 2020 pandemic.


Using META's provided creative framework, VVOX divided the content library into themes: Sands, Squishies, Swarms, Objects, Growth, Interactive, and Data Streams. On top of the large library of CG visuals we’ve also added interactive and data-driven content.

Our programmers also created an application to control the visuals from a mobile device to schedule, and adjust what type of content would play and when.


Working during a pandemic added a layer of trickery to the project. With the team out of the studio, we had to manage collaboration, critiques, and pipeline remotely.

With this commission we pushed ourselves into more advanced, high-quality CG setups to create the surreal moments for our client and visitors to their residence.