The Sugar Cubes are at the forefront of integrated LED systems, comprised of a powerful next-generation software and hardware stack custom built from the ground up. The Sugar Cubes software is designed to be performed live and responds to music directly as well as the artist controlling the system through MIDI and gestural interfaces.  


• Limitless and infinitely scalable fixtures. Use 10 or use 10,000.

• Generative content syncs with any type of audio or environmental input. You want it to respond to the weather? The time of day? No problem.

• System can run autonomously or be controlled live by a symmetry-labs VJ for mind blowing effects.

• Endless Interactive Possibilities through wearables/Kinect integration.

• Low power, lightweight, and quick to assemble.


The software is powerful and easy to use. Custom patterns and effects are controlled through a single screen interface, allowing the artist or operator to easily change between different patterns and choose effects to suit any mood, atmosphere, or music type. Our software supports all MIDI controllers, as well as state-of- the-art gesture based controllers like the Leap Motion.


With the LightCubes system, the only limit is your imagination. Choose your own layout. Their system is modular enough to accommodate any environment. Once you’ve designed your system, we'll work through installation procedures and walk you through the content options that will work best for your needs and design goals.