Video Painting
Video Painting is an interactive graffiti technology that allows people to “paint” videos, in real-time, at events and onto urban façades in public spaces for guerrilla marketing activations. Using specially designed electronic paint rollers, the system creates the effect of painting videos on walls, similarly to the way graffiti artists use wheatpaste for flyposting.

As the roller traverses the wall, video is revealed in the path of the roller using a projector. As more of the wall is “painted,” more of the video is revealed. It is also possible to collage videos: as the painting continues, a new video starts to be revealed, layered on top of the old one, allowing for endless variations. Live feeds can also be brought into the video, and an interactive photo booth option allows captured portraits of participants to be painted together with animated content in real-time. The same can be done with live input at concerts and sporting events as well as theater and dance performances, in HD resolution.