The VPX: Video Pod Experience
The VPX is a modular video performance system for events, a photobooth from the future! It is designed to facilitate and capture personality in people by guiding them in a directed performance within high end realtime video art compositions (“WORLDS”) with visual feedback, and then allowing them to easily share their experience.

Interactive Experience

Real-time playback is displayed within the VPX allowing for user interaction directly with the video to create a lasting performance experience. Dynamic lighting, body and face tracking, and practical effects enhance the experience in person.

Custom Output

VPX provides modern, high quality content output. Social media ready MP4 Video, GIFS, and Photos provide endlessly sharable moments for users. These moments are designed with social sharing in mind, tailored to work with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Branded Content

Top to bottom, the VPX can seamlessly integrate into your campaign. VPX provides a fully customizable interface and output workflow that allows us to easily integrate branding, watermarks, and other design elements per client request.